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Lightning-fast communication for any conversation

Keep your crew informed and connected with our real-time chats! Skipper makes it easy to host discussions, answer questions, and post announcements in your course and community chats.

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Notify everyone in one place

Securely share files, post announcements, ask questions, and host discussions with teachers, students, and parents in one place.

An image of a private chat between a mom and her daughter.
Picture of mom chatting with her daughter
Image of a daughter sending her mom a private message on the Skipper platform
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Image of private group chat between families sharing an address to their ranch
Private & Group Chats
Build stronger relationships and share moments in private, secure chats.
Image of Skippers secure file sharing within group and course chats
Classes & Clubs
Get students and parents involved with interactive chats and content sharing.
Community Groups
A dedicated space for your group communication, discussions, and content.

Social messaging

Chat with your friends and family in real time. Start a one-on-one private convo or gather your friends for a group chat.

Private or group chats. You decide.

Have a private chat with your crew or a group chat within your courses and communities. Either way, your conversations are private and secure.

Goodbye searching, hello sharing!

Whether you're working on a group project, teaching together, or sharing a funny meme with friends, Skipper makes sharing pics, videos, and files simple. So you can rest easy knowing your content is secure and easy to find.

Keep your communication organized

Keep everyone in the loop without information overload. Parent and student channels keep your course communication organized.

Custom channels

Create topic-based channels for announcements, lesson themes, group projects, or a fun space for off-topic conversations. Channel permissions keep your channels safe and secure.

Everything you need for messaging

Engage and scale your community groups with professional chat features.

Direct messages
Message search
Group chats
Read receipts
Channel permissions
Remove users
Data export

Communication management

Students can ask questions and get feedback in private comments and activity chats.

Know whose engaged

Read receipts show who read your message and who you need to reach out to.

Moderator roles

Course moderators keep your community safe and conversations on track. Delete posts to keep inappropriate discussions away from your group.

Keep everyone in the loop

Streamline your personal, group, and school communication with notifications and alerts.

I feel connected even when studying at home

I love Skipper chats! Being able to ask my teachers questions is helpful when I'm stuck on something, and our class discussions are really fun!
Claire R., student

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