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Skipper is the ultimate family organization tool. With features like task management, synced calendars, and printed schedules, you can stay on track and achieve your goals

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Record Keeping

All your academic records in one place

Never lose your academic records. Our automated record-keeping allows you to store and access your essential documents in a secure location.

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REading & Media logs

The ultimate reading companion

With Skipper's reading logs, you can make a reading list and keep tabs on your progress! Just log the time you spend reading and the finished pages, and voila! You'll be crushing your reading goals in no time.

Find personalized recommendations to keep things interesting. Then, let Skipper take your reading game to the next level!

Share wish lists
Align to learning goals
Assign reading schedules
Get recommendations
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Shared calendars

Keep your family organized and on the same page with Skipper's shared calendar feature! It's super easy to import and sync your calendars from iCal, Google, and other sources and share them with your crew.

Avoid scheduling conflicts, receive reminders and notifications, and easily coordinate activities from one central location.

Keep calendars synced
Add events to shared calendars
iCal Import and export into Google, Outlook, Apple
Share your calendar with others
An image of a to-do list with checkboxes next to each item. The list includes various tasks, such as chores, shopping items, and other tasks that need to be completed.
Time management

Sync all your calendars and to-do lists

Keep everyone in the loop with calendar events, appointments, and to-do lists.

An image of a calendar popup reminder displaying the time and date of an online class, along with a Zoom link for access. This reminder helps students stay on track and attend their classes on time.

Say goodbye to constant reminders with a Printed Schedule!

My child needs a checklist! I used to remind my son of the work he needed to complete before he could play. Now with a printed schedule, he has the list in front of him and knows what needs to be done. It's a great reminder for him.
Allison M., homeschool mom

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