Aaron Brickman stands on the rocks of a waterfall in DominicaA young boy sits on a tropical beach in St. Maarten with a snorkeling mask on his headJulia Brickman and her son smile as they ride camels on the sandy beaches of Africa, with the ocean and palm trees in the background.A teenager stands on top of a mountain surrounded by tall trees and breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.Aaron and Julia Brickman A couple stands hand-in-hand on a stunning beach in St. Maarten, surrounded by turquoise water and sandy shores

The story of why we built Skipper

We dreamed of a life where our son could learn through traveling and experiencing world cultures
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Picture of family as they travel through Africa and start their dream of homeschooling
our story

As parents and successful entrepreneurs, we quickly realized the school system was not working for our son. Traditional school was squashing his passions and not preparing him for his future.

One day while traveling through Africa, we dreamed of a life where our son could learn by experiencing world cultures and history firsthand while having time to explore his interests.

So, we took the leap! We sold our successful company in 2010 and moved to the Caribbean to embark on our homeschooling journey.

We fell in love with the homeschool lifestyle, the people we encountered, and the ability to personalize our son's education. But we soon realized there was a need for support, training, and technology to make homeschooling easier for families and educators.

That's why we founded Skipper, a family-friendly, social learning platform that supports learning at home, within communities, online, and in the classroom. Everything we do celebrates family, childhood, and the freedom to live your best life.

Now that our homeschool journey is over, we can look back and say the decision to homeschool was the best choice. Our son is very successful, and we believe Skipper can help other families and educators experience the same success.

Julia and Aaron Brickman
Skipper Founders

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