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Elevate your teaching and watch your <span class="t-teal"> students thrive </span>

Keep your students on track

With a clear to do list of assignments and resources, students can easily find what they need to do and turn in their work.






I can teach my courses in multiple places without switching platforms. It's so convenient!

— Robin - Co-op, Homeschool, & Dual Credit Teacher

Pro features for your classroom

Alerts, notifications, and reminders

Keep students and parents up to date with class feeds, reminders, and notifications.

Professional grading solutions

Grade like a pro with our grading features from weighted grades to statistics.

Multiple course roles

Teach together and offer teaching support through multiple course roles.

Easy access to course materials

Share files, syllabus, online class links, study games and more on the course dashboard.

Reuse and share courses

Save time creating templates, reusing courses, and sharing content.

Class communication

Easily communicate with your entire class and keep students and parents up to date.

Teach with <span class="t-magenta"> confidence</span>

Make learning fun and exciting with interactive content, clear to-do lists, and chat features that keep your students engaged and motivated.

Bring your lessons to life!

Engage your students with interactive content that is fun and easy to create.

You can quickly and easily create engaging content for your classes. Add videos, songs, pictures, animations, and games that you can drag and drop into your course, lesson, or assignment. Create quizzes with drag-and-drop features that are fun for students to take.

Get organized and stay on track

Assignments, quizzes, and to-do lists give students the resources they need to learn the lesson and complete their work.

Students and parents can access all class resources in one place, making it easy to plan, track and submit their work on time.

Quick grading and personalized feedback

Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming grading. Our weighted grades, reports, and statistics provide a wealth of data to help you further refine your grading process.

Our quick grading feature makes it easy to breeze through student assignments and saves valuable time. Comments, annotations, and auto-graded quizzes allow you to offer timely and effective feedback to students in just a few clicks.

A dedicated chat for your class

Skipper's your go-to platform for seamless communication and collaboration in the classroom. Enhance your educational experience and have a blast connecting with classmates, instructors, and parents.

Everyone loves Skipper!

I love the drag and drop feature. Changing things on canvas was SUCH A PAIN.

John D.
Online Teacher

The kids can access their grades, and they're able to communicate directly with me. I highly recommend Skipper!

Jennifer K.
Co-op Teacher

I love how Skipper makes Extra Credit easy to assign to students - Blackboard and Google make this so hard.

Michael J.
Classroom Teacher

Skipper is a really cool program - I like it much better than Blackboard, Canvas, and the other LMS's.... it's so much easier to use - and I've used them all.

Jessica M.
AP and Dual Credit Teacher

Skipper makes finding handouts and materials needed for my course so easy! The other LMS's makes it so hard to tell students where to go.

Elizabeth P.
University Model School Teacher

I've worked so hard on my course, but I'm not teaching this course next year and would hate for it to go to waste. I'm glad I can gift it to another teacher for next year.

Amanda N.
Co-op Teacher

I love having a single place to communicate with parents and students.

Christopher H.
Microschool Teacher

I loved the ability to share more details of assignments and to connect with families easily throughout the week.

English Teacher

I like Skipper over Google Classroom because I can't duplicate my course in Google Classroom as I can in Skipper.

Brian L.

Planning templates for your lifestyle

Curriculum Planner
Reading Lists
History Timeline
Meal Plans
Learning Goals
Nature Study Guide
Family Chores
Family Vision Board
Field Trip Planner
Learning Adventures
Home Projects
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