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The family friendly platform for <span class="t-teal"> community groups </span>

Streamline your communication

Never miss an important update again! Your members will stay connected and informed with all communication.


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Time saved

It’s all in one place - and I don’t have to track down people, waivers, and payments! Even a non-techie person like me can use Skipper!

— Melissa R., Event Coordinator

Community engagement & management features

Activity and Events Calendar

Organize events with your community calendar! Keep your community up-to-date with group events, sync with iCal & more.

Event Management

Event coordinators can easily manage tasks, sign-ups, waivers, and more - so your community events go off without a hitch.

Community Announcements

Make sure your members never miss important information with announcements, reminders, digests, and more.

Member Directory

Connect your members in the Membership Directory. Create subdirectories, download info, and set permissions.

Resources for Member Success

Provide members in your community with easy-to-access onboarding and the resources they need to succeed and stay connected.

Secure Digital Signatures

Digitally sign waivers, registration forms, and permission slips with Skipper - saving everyone time and hassle.

Connect, engage, and grow your <span class="t-lime"> community group </span>

Engage in community discussions, collaborative teaching, resource sharing, and social events.

Collaborate, plan and share with your group

No more juggling multiple tools to keep your community engaged! Skipper makes it easy to bring all your community interactions, courses, and events together in one smooth and friendly experience.

Build connections with community events

Create momentum and engage your community members with event discussions and sign-ups.

Support your members

Make it easy for your members to sign-up and attend your events! Keep your members up-to-date with event notifications and reminders.

Organize and plan your event

Ensure your event runs smoothly with event discussions,  waiver signatures, and attendance lists. You have all the tools you need to manage your event.

Boost engagement and keep your community safe

Gain insights into your community's engagement and keep conversations on track!

Know whose engaged

Read receipts show you who read your message and who you need to reach out to.

Basic moderation

Discussion moderators keep your community safe and conversations on track. Hide or delete posts to keep inappropriate discussions away from your group.

Everyone loves Skipper!

As a new homeschool mom, I felt isolated and overwhelmed, but Skipper has been my lifeline. It's been so helpful to have a community of people who understand what I'm going through and can offer support and advice. Thanks to Skipper, I feel welcomed and plugged into my community!

Rachel K.
New Homeschool Mom

I LOVE how Skipper takes children's safety seriously and how they've made parent involvement a priority!

Jason M.
Homeschool Dad

Skipper makes communicating with our families so much easier! Everything we need to share with them - announcements, important info, and links - are all in one place, so they never miss a thing. Our families love it!

Melissa R.
Community Organizer

As a teacher, Skipper is a game-changer for communication! I no longer have to constantly send reminder emails or assign weekly tasks. The upfront investment of time is well worth the weekly time saved.

Lori B.
Co-op Teacher

I love how Skipper helps me connect with others families in our community. It's been a great way to connect with other families!

Tom H.
Community Member

Thank you, Skipper, for building a communication platform that makes the permission settings so flexible that I can custom-set messaging for my community. It's great to adjust the settings for my young students and teens.

Tony M.
Community Admin

Since using the Skipper, our community group has been more connected and interactive. We've learned so much from each other and are a much closer community. I recommend Skipper to other group leaders!

Sarah N.
Group Leader

Skipper has been great for my teaching business! I can offer classes and workshops on Skipper, and the chat helps me stay connected and answer my student's questions.

Ashley R.

As a mom, I love using Skipper with my kids. I know they are safe and can only interact with people I've approved.

Emily J.
Homeschool Mom

I'm a moderator for our community, and Skipper's has made my job easier. The tools to monitor and interact with our members help make sure everyone is happy and safe.

Alex H.
Community Moderator

I appreciate Skipper's resources and the opportunity to connect with other homeschool parents who can offer valuable advice and support.

Maria M.
Homeschool Mom

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