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Achieve your  <span class="t-blue"> academic goals </span>

Auto-syncing digital planner

Keep on track with your classes, view up to date syllabus’s and course information, and quickly see what tasks you need to do next.



Turned in


Missing Work

I love the different schedule views and how easy it is to turn in my work.

— Daniel, homeschool co-op student

Students ultimate learning companion

Personal calendar

The ultimate planner for organizing your personal life, school, and social activities.

Printed schedules

Stay organized and on top of your work, even when you don't have access to the internet.

Sync with your smartphone

Take your calendar on the go with one-click syncing to Google, Apple, and iCal.

Reminders, alerts, and notifications

Automated notifications keep you from missing important messages and deadlines.

Messaging inbox

Quickly find and access private messages and group chats for each of your courses.

Document your work

Keep a portfolio of your essays, artwork, completed assignments, and grades.

Unlock student’s <span class="t-blue"> potential </span>

Excel with seamless communication, clear to-do lists, easily submit work and real-time feedback on grades and progress.

The ultimate planner for students

Say goodbye to disorganization and missed deadlines. Our powerful tool helps students stay on top of assignments and deadlines with versatile views and interactive planning pages like the drag-and-drop Courseflow.

Whether you prefer a calendar overview, a simple list, or detailed lists, you can organize and prioritize your learning in a way that works best for you.

Effortless assignment and quiz submission

Students can easily submit assignments and take online quizzes by uploading files directly from their computer, syncing with Dropbox and Google, or even using QR codes from their mobile phones.

Track your progress and improve your grades

View your grades and instructor feedback on assignments and quizzes in real-time, and see annotations and comments on your papers and quizzes.

A holistic overview shows you the progress you are making and understanding the areas you need to work on. With Skipper, you can take control of your learning and improve your grades.

Ask questions, leave comments

Skipper's course chat's are a fun and easy way for students to stay connected with their teachers and classmates and stay organized with their schoolwork.

Course communication includes a course inbox, channels for course chats, private messaging, and assignment discussions. Plus, read receipts and reactions make communicating even more fun.

It is an all-in-one solution for students to have a seamless communication and learning experience.

Everyone loves Skipper!

I love using Skipper to check my homework assignments! If the paper syllabus isn't updated, I can always rely on Skipper to be up to date!

Amanda M.
Co-op Student

Skipper is awesome because it lets me see my grades and ask my teachers any questions. I used to use a paper syllabus, but now I use Skipper because it's more up-to-date.

Oliver B.

I love how Skipper boosted my grades and made a big difference in my school year. It's easy to use and helps me stay on top of my schoolwork! I can easily keep track of all my tasks and deadlines. I can get things done quickly and efficiently.

Mike A.

Skipper helps me organize all my assignments and keep track of what and when things are due. It's also an easy way to contact teachers. My grades have improved using Skipper!

Emily B.
Co-op Student

Skipper helps me see exactly what work I need to do, plus my chores and other tasks. The calendar is really helpful.

Olivia H.
Homeschool student

I love seeing everything I need to do for my work at home and the other homeschool classes I take. It's so nice being able to talk to my teachers and my mom!

Liam M.
Homeschool student

Yay, thank you Skipper for helping me! Now my mom doesn't have to keep asking me what I did all day because she can just check on Skipper instead!

Noah M.
Homeschool student

I love using Skipper to ask my mom questions and chat with my sisters, especially when we're in different rooms or when she's teaching my sisters. It's super helpful and makes things a lot easier!

Jackson H.
Homeschool student

It helps me organize all of my assignments and keep track of what and when things are due. It also is an easy way for me to talk to my mom!

Emma G.
Homeschool student

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