Fast grading that doesn’t take days

Anytime, anywhere grading made easy - Skipper's fast and intuitive online grading system supports all learning environments.

Powerful grading for everyone

Skipper's gradebook app is a powerful student progress tracker that makes it easy to grade and provide feedback. Whether you're a teacher, student, or parent, Skipper is here to help you succeed!

Track your child's progress, and keep records and a portfolio of work for all your classes in one location.
Micro Schools & Learning Pods
Effortlessly monitor student progress and personalize assessments with our robust grading features.
Co-ops & Classrooms
Streamline your grading process and empower your teaching with our professional grading features.
Online quiz

Auto graded quizzes saves time

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual grading and hello to quick and easy feedback for your students with our auto graded quizzes! Customize your grading settings and effortlessly evaluate student performance.


Say goodbye to red pens with digital annotations

With Skipper's digital annotation grading tool, you can quickly and easily add comments, highlights, and other markings to student papers.

This powerful feature provides targeted feedback and guidance to help your students succeed.


Keep a finger on your students' progress

Unleash your students' potential with valuable insights into their progress, performance, and participation!

Celebrate their successes, identify areas for improvement, and boost their performance with Skipper's powerful reporting tools. Get the data you need to help your students thrive and succeed.

Give feedback and track progress with multiple gradebook views

Online gradebook and grading features for teachers!

‍Quick Grading Features

View student submissions, grade submitted work, and provide feedback in minutes.

Grade Calculator

Enter the points your student earned, and the grade percentage is automatically calculated.

Annotated Grading

Quickly give feedback and evaluate student assignments with digital annotation tools.

Grade Statistics

Gradebook statistics provide a comprehensive view of student performance.

Custom Grading Scales

Create your own grading system, including grading scales and weighted averages.

Grade Alerts

Get notified when at-risk students' grades fall below a specified threshold.

I always know what to do and when to turn in my work!

Skipper is super helpful! I really like the gradebook feature because I can see my grades and assignments all in one place. It helps me remember what I need to do and when I need to turn things into class.
Daniel P., student

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