Your course, your content. Unleash your imagination

Design a course to teach an entire year of math or how to stand up on a surfboard. The canvas is yours. Get started with ready-made templates, or start from scratch.

Built to empower every instructor

Choose from step-by-step options to set up a course that best fits your teaching and learning style.

At Home
Learning Pods
Co-Op Classrooms
Online Classes

Quickly build your course

Our easy-to-use course-building features help you create your course in minutes.

Drag and drop features
Batch create content
Import content and courses

Schedule your content

Control the flow of your content with dynamic scheduling. First, select your preset schedules like drip, rolling, and self-paced. Then, set the pace and relax.

Engage students with immersive features

Create an ideal learning experience for your students regardless of their environment, whether they are studying at home, in a live classroom, asynchronous, or through blended classes.

Create digital worksheets

Allow students to interact with your online worksheets through drawing tools, shape editors, and text. Review and give feedback on completed assignments with speed.

Add audio and videos

Show, don't tell

Bring your course to life with videos, songs, pictures, animations, and games. Drag and drop into your existing course, lesson, or assignment. It’s that easy.

Bring your favorite learning activities to your students

Skipper makes all your favorite learning tools better by allowing you to embed content directly into your lessons — no more searching for the video while teaching or emailing web links.

Online Quiz Maker

Everything you need to deliver a professional course

Multiple Roles

Invite teachers, tutors, graders, and moderators into your course permission-based course leader roles.

Batch Create Content

Create your curriculum schedules, assignments, and quizzes in bulk so you can fill your courses quickly.

Automated Schedules

Keep your course syllabus updated with schedules that auto-adjust when work is assigned to your students.

Course Terms

Organize your course into quarters, semesters, and grading periods.

Drag & Drop

Reorganize your course in seconds with drag-and-drop functionality.

Reuse Courses

Teach your course again or gift it to another teacher to use next year.

Students and Instructors love Skipper Courses!

Skipper is a really cool program - I like it much better than Blackboard, Canvas, and the other LMS.... it's so much easier to use - and I've used them all.

Cassie M.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

I love how bright and cheerful Skipper is. The colors and pictures make it so inviting and engaging. My son takes some online classes and they use Canvas to teach their courses. Canvas is so grey and drab!

Heather S.
Dallas, TX

My daughter loves going into the course and viewing all the pictures. She is a visual learner, and the pictures stimulate her brain. It's easy for her to know exactly what needs to be completed.

Jennifer D.
Fort Pierce, FL

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