Our kid's futures are at risk!
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The one-size-fits-all learning approach fails to equip our kids for their future. We created Skipper around the idea that people learn best when they have ownership of their learning, including where they learn, how they learn, and who they learn from.

Skipper is the first family-friendly Social Learning Platform that connects learning at home, in communities, online, and in the classroom. Skipper empowers parents to partner with educators and take an active role in their children’s education.

Help create a world where all children have an opportunity to fulfill their destiny

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Technology development

If there's a feature you're eager to see or are pumped about our development roadmap, your generous contribution will go a long way in helping us build the best learning platform.

Make homeschool accessible

Your gift enables us to offer free resources and affordable pricing options so every parent can give their children the education and future they deserve.

Support families & children

We aim to create a community where people feel connected, empowered, and able to fulfill their unique purpose in life. Your support helps make this vision a reality.

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